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Dampening sleeves that give you improved water control for improved results.

Controlling ink-water balance is key to consistent printing. With Rogers Dampening Sleeves, you’ll get that control. Along with the latitude you need for consistent, high quality results on press.

Precise water control.

Since cloth covers usually start out flooded, you have to run waste sheets to achieve the proper ink-water balance.

But Rogers Dampening Sleeves give you precise water control. Right from the start. Because each sleeve has a unique pore system that allows only the exact amount of water to be absorbed and released. The pores also retain moisture to resist dry-out during shut-down.

Fast and easy installation.

Rogers Dampening Sleeves are easy to mount and prepare for press. You simply slide the sleeve over the dampening form roller and flush with water. In minutes, the sleeve shrinks to a tight fit. There’s no need to sew or tie the sleeves in place like cloth covers.

No lint for fast start-ups and cleaner runs.

Each Rogers Dampening Sleeve is made of interlocked, nonwoven fibers that won’t work loose. So there’s no lint, and no need for run-in. And you won’t have to stop the press to remove trapped particles.

Starts cleaner. Stays cleaner.

The nonwoven fibers in a Rogers Dampening Sleeve won’t trap greasy ink. So clean-up and color changes are easy.

You simply wipe the sleeve’s surface with Rogers Cleaner Conditioner and rinse. The residual ink is quickly washed away, so you can change ink colors without changing sleeves.

This not only saves you time. It also means less waste caused by color carry-over and ink contamination.

Rogers Dampening Sleeves are available for commercial and duplicator presses..

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Instead of tying or sewing, you simply slide a Rogers Dampening Sleeve over your roller.


dampen3.gif (15301 bytes)

When the sleeve is flushed with water, it shrinks tightly to the roller in approximately 3 minutes.


50 years in the industry.

Rogers has been involved in the graphic arts market for more than 50 years, most recently offering plate mounting materials for flexographic printers through partner distributors who focus on this market segment. Rogers is also one of the leading manufacturers of non-woven materials - a key component of the Dampening and Ductor sleeves.

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